The Epic of Gilgamesh

An English Verison with an Introduction (Penguin Classics) (Penguin classics)

The Epic of Gilgamesh (1960, Penguin Classics)

128 pages

English language

Published Dec. 30, 1960 by Penguin Classics.


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Miraculously preserved on clay tablets deciphered only in the last century, the cycle of poems collected around the character of Gilgamesh, the great king of Ukruk, tells of his long and arduous journey to the Spring of Youth, of his encounters with monsters and gods and of his friendship with Enkidu, the wild man from the hills. Also included in the epic is a legend of the Flood, which agrees in many details with the biblical story of Noah.

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3 star

1) ''Go ahead, Enkidu. This is food,we humans eat and drink this.'' Warilyhe tasted the bread. Then he ate a piece,he ate a whole loaf, then ate another,he ate until he was full, drank sevenpitchers of the beer, his heart grew light,his face glowed, and he sang out with joy.''2) [Gilgamesh to Ishtar, goddess of love]''You loved the gardener Ishullanu,who would bring you baskets of fresh-picked dates,every day, to brighten your table,you lusted for him, you drew close and said,'Sweet Ishullanu, let me suck your rod,touch my vagina, caress my jewel.'''3) ''There was singing and feasting in the palace that night.Later, when the warriors were stretched out asleep,Enkidu had a terrifying dream.When he woke up, he said to Gilgamesh,'Dear friend, why are the great gods assembled?'''


  • Epic poetry, Assyro-Babylonian -- Translations into English.