Lemon Tree

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Lemon Tree (2008, Transworld Publishers Limited)

560 pages

English language

Published Sept. 1, 2008 by Transworld Publishers Limited.


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The true story of a friendship spanning religious divisions and four decades of Israeli-Palestinian conflict.In the summer of 1967, not long after the Six Day War, three young Palestinian men ventured into the town of Ramla in Israel. They were cousins, on a pilgrimage to see their childhood homes, from which they and their families had been driven out nearly twenty years earlier. One cousin had the door slammed in his face, one found that his old house had been converted into a school. But the third, Bashir, was met at the door by a young woman named Dalia, who invited him in... This poignant encounter is the starting point for the story of two families – one Arab, one Jewish – which spans the fraught modern history of the region. In the lemon tree his father planted in the backyard of his childhood home, Bashir sees a symbol of …

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