Learn to earn

a beginner's guide to the basics of investing and business

272 pages

English language

Published Sept. 5, 1996 by Fireside.

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4 stars (3 reviews)

2 editions

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5 stars

Great book for beginners. If you want to start investing, go and read this book. You will not find there info about how to pick THE BEST STOCK EVER. Instead, you will find a lot of wisdom and how to cope with investing. What should you avoid, how much time you should spend on investing, where you can put your money; how the best fund manager on Wall Street can't protect you in a crash, etc. There is also a brief history of capitalism.

Some quotes to keep in mind:

Remember, no matter how powerful a company may be today, it won't stay on top forever.

A crash is a unique opportunity to buy stocks cheap.

You can be a genius at analyzing which companies to buy, but unless you have the patience and the courage to hold on the shares, you're an odds-on favorite to become a mediocre investor. …

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rated it

3 stars
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rated it

3 stars


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