The good doctor

A Novel

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The good doctor (2003, Grove Press)

Paperback, 215 pages

English language

Published Sept. 10, 2003 by Grove Press.

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4 stars (2 reviews)

A taut, intense tale of the dashed hopes of the post-apartheid era and the small betrayals that doom a friendship, The Good Doctor is an extraordinary parable of the corruption of the flesh and spirit. It assures Damon Galgut's place as a major international talent. When Laurence Waters arrives at his new post at a deserted rural hospital, staff physician Frank Eloff is instantly suspicious. Laurence is everything Frank is not - young, optimistic, and full of big ideas. The whole town is beset with new arrivals and the return of old faces. Frank reestablishes a liaison with a woman, one which will have unexpected consequences. A self-made dictator from apartheid days is rumored to be active in cross-border smuggling and a group of soldiers has moved in to track him, led by a man from Frank's own dark past. Laurence sees only possibilities - but in a world where …

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  • Rural hospitals -- Fiction.
  • Physicians -- Fiction.
  • Smuggling -- Fiction.
  • Betrayal -- Fiction.
  • South Africa -- Fiction.