Illuminatus #03

Nature's God

Mass Market Paperback

English language

Published June 10, 1989 by Lynx Books.

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The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles is a series of three novels by Robert Anton Wilson written after his highly successful The Illuminatus! Trilogy and his 1981 Masks of the Illuminati. His co-author from the first trilogy, Robert Shea, was not involved in this series, providing only a praising blurb.

It is composed of three books: [The Earth Will Shake][1] (1982), [The Widow's Son][2] (1985) and [Nature's God][3] (1991). A fourth book, The World Turned Upside Down, was promised at the end of Nature's God but was never written; Wilson also had stated he intended the Chronicles to be a pentalogy.[1] His death in 2007 left the series as a trilogy, incomplete. There is an audiobook of the first novel read by Scott Crisp.[2]

They are the most secret of organizations and the most powerful — the Illuminati. They continue to shift the patterns of history to fulfill plans of their own, …

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