Camp Half-Blood Confidential

Your real guide to the demigod training camp

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Camp Half-Blood Confidential (2017, Disney Hyperion)

English language

Published Sept. 16, 2017 by Disney Hyperion.

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The demigods at Camp half-blood are left alone. Everything was going normally, until a comment from Nico di Angelo at dinner changed their plans. They were talking about what they would change if they ran the camp and Nico said that he would make sure the newbie demigods didn’t have to suffer through the orientation film. After finding it and watching it, they decided they had to have something better to offer to the new demigods. The book has stories from some campers at the camp, and from Chiron himself, and introduces you to the places in the camp. Oh and it has parts of the orientation film in it (the orientation film was made by Apollo, so keep that in mind...) It also answers some questions such as “do I get to keep the t-shirt?”

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