Jett Smith and the Alien Grave

Jett Smith and the Alien Grave (2013, Red Planet Adventures)

Kindle Edition, 214 pages

Published July 8, 2013 by Red Planet Adventures.

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Jett Smith and The Alien Grave is the first installment of an illustrated middle-grade science fiction series by Andy Orr. On a bleak stretch of desert near the Martian equator lies Colony X, home to over three thousand colonists. Colony X is a technological triumph that extends humanity’s reach in the solar system. But living on Mars comes at a cost. Life is cruel and harsh on the Red Planet frontier. Survival demands hard work, scientific know-how, and dauntless courage. Twelve-year-old Samuel “Jett” Smith lives on Colony X with his dad. A Martian-born with strong survival instincts, Jett is no stranger to adventure and hardship. However, Jett faces the ultimate test of will when he and his dad embark on a dangerous expedition to the South Pole of Mars. There, a shocking discovery threatens Jett’s sanity--and survival. For readers age 9 and up. Includes illustrations by J.L. Erwin, a History …