Anarchism, Organization and Management

Critical Perspectives for Students

250 pages

English language

Published Oct. 9, 2020 by Taylor & Francis Group.


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"You might think that anarchism and management are opposed, but this book shows how an understanding of the long history of anarchist ideas allows us to understand the problems of contemporary organizing much more clearly. Anarchism is a theory of organizing, and in times when global capitalism is in question, we need new ideas more than ever. The reader of this book will learn how anarchist ideas are relevant to today's management problems. In a series of student friendly short chapters on contemporary topics, the authors challenge the common sense that has allowed particular forms of organization and market to become globally dominant. Do we always need leaders? Is technological change always a good thing? Are markets the best way to arrange forms of exchange? This challenging book is essential for anyone who wants to understand what is wrong with business school theory, and what we might do about it. …

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