The leopard

700 pages

English language

Published Oct. 22, 2013 by Charnwood.

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4 stars (2 reviews)

In the depths of winter, a killer stalks the city streets. The crime scenes offer no clues and the police are running out of options. There is only one man who can help, and he doesn't want to be found... Deeply traumatised by the Snowman investigation, Inspector Harry Hole has lost himself in the squalor of Hong Kong's opium dens. But with his father ill in hospital, Harry reluctantly agrees to return to Oslo. He has no intention of working on the case, but then a third victim is found. The victims appear completely unconnected to one another, but Harry soon makes a discovery: the women all spent the night in an isolated mountain hostel. And someone is picking off the guests one by one...

2 editions


  • Harry Hole (Fictitious character)
  • Fiction
  • Police
  • Serial murder investigation
  • Ritual abuse


  • Norway
  • Oslo