Wild Colour

How to Make and Use Natural Dyes

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Wild Colour (Hardcover, 2018, Octopus Publishing Group)

Hardcover, 144 pages

English language

Published Oct. 28, 2018 by Octopus Publishing Group.

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3 stars (1 review)

2 editions

enthusiastic, but colonialistic

3 stars

Though I was enjoying how encouraging the opening tone is, the mood and utility of this book suffer heavily from the presumption that all readers are in temperate zones of western Europe, and a treatment of the rest of the present-day world as mere suppliers of raw materials. Easily mitigated had the subtitle been “A guide to natural dyes for [the intended audience]” or similar; near totally transcended by taking a more global view, in the manner of Susanna Lyle’s tremendous volumes on human-edible plants. That neither approach was taken for Wild Colour even three editions in (over nineteen years!) makes for a particular disappointment.

[Boonwurrung Country, 28 October 2021]


  • Dyes and dyeing
  • Dye plants