Paperback, 111 pages

english language

Published June 15, 2021 by Skein Press.

4 stars (2 reviews)

From sleeve: "Rosaleen McDonagh writes fearlessly about a diverse experience of being Irish. Unsettled explores racism, ableism, abuse, and resistance as well as the bonds of community, family and friendship. As an Irish Traveller writing from a feminist perspective, McDonagh's essays are rich and complex, raw and honest, and, above all else, uncompromising."

reviewed Unsettled by Rosaleen McDonagh


4 stars

Unsettled is a touching, unsettling, heartbreaking and ultimately hopeful memoir by a human who is thrice marginalised. Writer and academic Rosaleen McDonagh writes her memoir of life as an Irish Traveller woman with cerebral palsy with charm and humour. It is compelling storytelling throughout and feels like a cathartic chance for McDonagh to present an argument for equality that doesn't exclude. We can only hope.

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4 stars