Forward March

288 pages

English language

Published Dec. 2, 2022 by Page Street Publishing Company.


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4 stars (2 reviews)

What’s worse? Someone using your face for catfishing or realizing you actually do have a crush on the catfished girl?

Harper “Band Geek” McKinley just wants to make it through her senior year of marching band—and her Republican father’s presidential campaign. That was a tall order to start, but everything was going well enough until someone made a fake gay dating profile posing as Harper. The real Harper can’t afford for anyone to find out about the Tinder profile for three very important reasons:

  1. Her mom is the school dean and dating profiles for students are strictly forbidden.
  2. Harper doesn't even know if she likes anyone like that—let alone if she likes other girls.
  3. If this secret gets out, her father could lose the election, one she's not sure she even wants him to win.

But upon meeting Margot Blanchard, the drumline leader who swiped right, Harper thinks it might …

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  • Fiction, romance, general
  • Fiction, gay
  • Young Adult