Mine to Keep

Paperback, 306 pages

English language

Published Oct. 17, 2017 by Ylva Publishing.

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4 stars (1 review)

Award winning author Wendy Hudson is back with a chilling lesbian romantic suspense, set in rural Scotland.

Erin Carter is alone. Plagued by childhood nightmares since the loss of her mother, she embarks on a journey to trace her father, hoping to find some semblance of family and put the darkness to rest. A tentative thread leads her to Hopetoun, in rural Scotland, and the welcoming Cornfield Castle. There she meets Abigail Miller, the castle chef, who quickly becomes her tour guide and search partner. Along with Abigail’s brother, George, they decipher village gossip from truth, fact from folklore, and offer Erin sanctuary within the castle walls. But when Erin’s nightmares start to close in, can she defeat them and learn to live again?

2 editions