Ninth House

Ninth House (2019, Flatiron Books)

Published Dec. 13, 2019 by Flatiron Books.


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3 stars

Why I Picked It Up ##It was at the top of the goodreads best fantasy 2020 list, and it was available, and I needed an audiobook because Mel took my Obama memoir.## Why I Liked It ##Ghost Cops! Yale secret societies. Necromancy and mystery. What's not to like?## What I Want To Remember ##I think the ending was a lesson in story crafting for me. I suspected that the dean was in on it fairly early on. And the big reveal at the end made for a really satisfying villain and ending, it was a tiny bit disappointing because the big bad evil guy had been operating so completely 100% behind the scenes that there was no way to anticipate that it was anyone else but the dean. They seemed to come out of nowhere. It was an awesome reveal and, again, they made for a great BBEG. But it …

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4 stars