Big Time

Hugo Award for Best Novel 1958

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Big Time (2021, Independently Published)

122 pages

English language

Published Jan. 17, 2021 by Independently Published.

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2 stars (7 reviews)

17 editions

decently written, but bad politics

3 stars

I'm conflicted about this one. On the one hand I did think it was well enough written, and was fairly engaging & entertaining (being short always helps with these; & I was listening to an audiobook of it, a somewhat novel experience for me, so that may factor in). The setting and characters were interesting and as fleshed out as they needed to be.

But it comes across as deeply reactionary. One of the characters is an actual Nazi, & while he's certainly portrayed as horrible in many respects, he also seems to be meant as at least somewhat sympathetic. Not to mention the pervasive misogyny. Frankly I'd like to see what the Snakes have going on, with their "Unholy Triple Alliance [..]. between the Eastern Classical World, Mohammedanized Christianity, and Marxist Communism".

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