It's A Hit!

Paperback, 149 pages

Published Jan. 25, 2022 by Flamingo Rampant.

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Wil never expected to end up at baseball camp instead of his beloved theater camp with all his nerdy friends. When he came out as trans, his well-meaning father was so excited to share his own boyhood love of baseball that Wil didn’t have the heart to say no. Taylor looks forward to camp every summer, eager to get on the pitching mound and be immersed in his favorite sport. He feels a disconnect between his flamboyant, queer family and the sporty community he thrives in. During camp, Wil and Taylor connect over family, growing up, and geeking out about the things they enjoy. Together, they realize that they can define their masculinity on their own terms and find ways to connect with their families while still being themselves.

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