Whispers of the Dead

(David Hunter)

mass market paperback, 477 pages

English language

Published Feb. 1, 2010 by Bantam Books.

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4 stars (4 reviews)

In plain black letters were the words Anthropological Research Facility,' but it was better known but another, less formal name. Most people just called it The Body Farm.The victim has been bound and torturer, the body decomposed beyond recognition...A second body is found.

In America to escape the violence that nearly killed him, forensics expert David Hunter needs to know whether he is still up to the job of confronting death in all its strange and terrible forms.

Then a body is found in a remote cabin out in the woods. And then another...

Pushed deep into the heart of a terrifying manhunt, Hunter begins to wonder if they're on the trail of a maniac who simply cannot be stopped.

Shocking, cunning and heart-stoppingly exciting, here is the new crime thriller from a No. 1 intentional bestselling storyteller.

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2 stars

This is not the genre I visit the most, but it was the one book in a language I could read in a bookswap. I'm amazed of how readable books like these are. I must admit, the characters and the plot never really caught on with me, but yet I found myself running through the pages of this book. Another positive thing, was that the book felt like it had been researched well.

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