Leaf storm

119 pages

English language

Published Feb. 1, 2008 by Penguin.

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The Banana Company arrived in the town of Macondo like a whirlwind and along with it warehouses, amusement parlours and slums have descended. The people who live there reel at the stench of rubbish that makes their own homes unrecognisable. Then when the banana company leaves town just as fast as it arrived, they find themselves left with a void of decay. But living among the devastation is one last honourable man, the Colonel, who's determined to fulfil his lifelong promise, no matter how distasteful it may be. With the death of the detested Doctor, he must provide an honourable burial - and at the same time incur the wrath of the people of Macondo, who would much rather see the Doctor rot, forgotten and unattended.

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