A hero at the end of the world

303 pages

English language

Published Feb. 18, 2014 by Big Bang Press.

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Sixteen year-old Ewan Mao knows one thing for certain: according to prophecy, it's his destiny to kill the evil tyrant whose dark reign has terrorized Britain for as long as he can remember. Although he's just a normal boy, deep down Ewan is confident that he has exactly what it takes to be a hero. But when Ewan's big moment comes and his best friend, the clever and talented Oliver Abrams, defeats the villain for him, Ewan's bright future crumbles before his eyes. Five years later, while Ewan is living at home and working a minimum wage job, Oliver has a job as an Unusual in the government's Serious Magical Crimes Agency, the life he and Ewan always dreamed of. A routine investigation leads him and his partner, Sophie Stuart, to uncover a dangerous and powerful cult ... one that seems to have drawn his former best friend into a …

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  • Good and evil
  • Fiction
  • Magic
  • Fate and fatalism
  • Best friends
  • Friendship
  • Fantasy
  • General


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