The Rycke (Monstrous)

(Monstrous #3)

13.34 x 2.08 x 20.32 cm, 325 pages

English language

Published Aug. 10, 2021 by ‎ Independently published.

5 stars (1 review)

Life as a raider in the Wastes, where monsters roam and the military lurks, is as easy as it sounds.

I’ve been out here for a long time, and the fear that courses through my blood every time I have to step outside our camp walls to scavenge never fades. No matter how many monsters you face—and have to run for your life from—it doesn’t ever get easier.

But when I come across a bound and injured monster in an abandoned military base, I can’t leave him behind. His presence in our camp is causing tension, but I can’t bring myself to care when I get to see a different side to him—when he starts to show me who he is, beneath the pain and lingering trauma.

But despite his gentle nature, I soon discover why others are so desperate to own him. Why the military, and now this stranger …

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