Merchants of doubt

How a handful of scientists obscured the truth on issues from tobacco smoke to global warming

Paperback, 368 pages

English language

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"Merchants of Doubt should finally put to rest the question of whether the science of climate change is settled. It is, & we ignore this message at our peril."--Elizabeth Kolbert "Brilliantly reported andwritten with brutal clarity."--Huffington Post Now a powerful documentary from the acclaimed director of Food Inc., Merchants of Doubt was one of the most talked-about climate change books of recent years, for reasons easy to understand: It tells the controversial story of how a loose-knit group of high-level scientists & scientific advisers, with deep connections in politics & industry, ran effective campaigns to mislead the public & deny well-established scientific knowledge over four decades. The same individuals who claim the science of global warming is "not settled" have also denied the truth about studies linking smoking to lung cancer, coal smoke to acid rain & CFCs to the ozone hole. "Doubt is our product," wrote one tobacco executive. …

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