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Published April 11, 2001 by Ace Books.

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The golden age: Call me Joe / Poul Anderson "All you zombies" / Robert A. Heinlein Tunesmith / Lloyd Biggle, Jr. A saucer of loneliness / Theodore Sturgeon Robot dreams / Isaac Asimov Devolution / Edmond Hamilton The nine billion names of God / Arthur C. Clarke A work of art / James Blish Dark they were, and golden-eyed / Ray Bradbury The new wave: "Repent, harlequin!" said the ticktockman / Harlan Ellison Eurema's dam / R.A. Lafferty Passengers / Robert Silverberg The tunnel under the world / Frederik Pohl Who can replace a man? / Brian W. Aldiss The ones who walk away from Omelas / Ursula K. Le Guin Inconstant moon / Larry Niven The media generation: Sandkings / George R.R. Martin The road not taken / Harry Turtledove Dogfight / William Gibson and Michael Swanwick Face value / Karen Joy Fowler Pots / C.J. Cherryh Rat / …

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  • Science fiction, American.
  • Science fiction, English.