A Long and Fatal Love Chase

Hardcover, 242 pages

English language

Published April 15, 1995 by Random House.

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5 stars (1 review)

Roasamond Vivian, a young girl living with her bitter grandfather, yearns for excitement. When Phillip Tempest pays a visit, Rosamond finds herself charmed by him, though he is nearly twice her age and quite obviously "not a saint." She declares that she would gladly pay a price for happiness, and, thinking that she might change him with her love, marries Tempest a month later. She has no idea just how she'll pay for her decision. The plot is obviously Faustian, with references throughout to Mephistopheles; early in the novel, Rosamond says, "I often feel as if I'd gladly sell my soul to Satan for a year of freedom."

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  • Married women -- Fiction
  • Relationship addiction -- Fiction
  • Separation (Psychology) -- Fiction
  • Europe -- Fiction