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Published Feb. 27, 2020 by Brilliance Audio.

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Review of 'Death Unleashed' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

To say I was excited to get an early copy of this book would be an understatement! McHugh has rapidly climbed to the top of my ‘most anticipated’ list and he’s yet to disappoint.

This book takes up the story a few months after the end of Sorcery Reborn and continues with the split perspective, this time adding Mordred’s perspective to Nate’s and Layla’s. Despite there being three perspectives the book never feels too busy. All three characters have a distinct ’voice’ and it’s easy to distinguish which story we’re following (if you somehow miss the chapter headers where it tells you who it is - I’ve been surprised at how difficult people seem find keeping up with split perspectives in books, even with clear headings to guide them!). Once the action starts it’s pretty much non-stop, with new and intriguing uses of powers, and of course swearing - thanks …

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5 stars