You are not a gadget

A manifesto


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Published Jan. 4, 2010 by Alfred A. Knopf.

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Jaron Lanier, a Silicon Valley visionary since the 1980s, was among the first to predict the revolutionary changes the World Wide Web would bring to commerce and culture. Now, in his first book, written more than two decades after the web was created, Lanier offers this provocative and cautionary look at the way it is transforming our lives for better and for worse.The current design and function of the web have become so familiar that it is easy to forget that they grew out of programming decisions made decades ago. The web's first designers made crucial choices (such as making one's presence anonymous) that have had enormous--and often unintended--consequences. What's more, these designs quickly became "locked in," a permanent part of the web's very structure. Lanier discusses the technical and cultural problems that can grow out of poorly considered digital design and warns that our financial markets and sites like …

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4 stars

I read this book 8 years after it was published and it is still fresh. It was the first time I read a book by Jaron Lanier and I found it surprisingly humanistic. I mean, it was the first time I was in contact with a more philosophical way of thinking about technology and how it can (or cannot) express human emotions and identity. I learned a lot!My favorite piece was the description of virtual reality from the author's point of view in the 80's and how VR makes us conscious of our own consciousnesses.

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