Active Revolution

(AMG #47)

Paperback, 16 pages

English language

Published May 12, 2010 by Anarchistische Mediengruppe.

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Introduction by Adam Weaver

While the larger radical/anti-capitalist left has arguably few universal tenets of strategic agreement, the statement that “a strong left is one that’s rooted in working class and oppressed communities and struggles” is easily one of them. The question that all tendencies and formations grapple with is how do we understand this process and what are the methods to transition from being isolated and powerless players to a left with deep roots within powerful working class social movements.

A welcome discussion along these lines is from Philly Socialists and the Marxist Center conference and a recently compiled reader around the concepts of ‘base building’ and ‘dual power’ titled “It’s All About that Base.” If you’re not familiar we recommend giving it a read.

With this post we wanted to highlight a number of writings with similar themes coming out of the contemporary US anarchist milieu stretching back …

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  • Anarcho-Communism
  • Anarchism
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