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An Essay (Scout Book Series)

Pamphlet/Zine, 32 pages

English language

Published by Future Tense Books.

5 stars (1 review)

I question why I've ever wanted to share anything on the internet when it seems the sharing of things on the internet has reached its apex...

I consider the earth storage it takes to house all of the sharing.

Fossil fuels glug down my throat.

I think of the conflict minerals inside my phone, slowly, sickly morphing their remaining torture into an alert tone: a ding, a quack, a zen bowl.

1 edition

reviewed User Not Found by Felicity Fenton

A Gut Wrenching Essay on Online Life

5 stars

This mini-book will cause you to re-think what you post online, when you post it and your reason for posting it. And if you should even post it at all.

Additionally, this book will play with a self-care concept of putting down your device.

Perhaps, In hopes of reducing unneeded stress, information and chaos. Whether it's worth sharing every moment of your life with a world of apathetic people.