Kindle Edition, 307 pages

Published Oct. 25, 2020 by Briar Prescott.

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Gray There are some things I excel at: - Exercising rigid control over every aspect of my life - Making sensible decisions at every turn - Being organized, predictable and responsible to an abnormal degree In short, I’m boring as hell and in desperate need of a change. Luckily I have my best friend by my side and a newly written to-do list to guide my way through the murky waters of finding happiness. It’s all very promising at first, but as weeks pass, I start to realize that the best part of my day has always been Kai. And when I see him out on a date with some guy? Let’s just say I’m definitely not happy about it.

Kai I’m back in Boston after ten years of traveling, and I’ve fulfilled all my goals: - See the world - Figure out what to do with my life - …

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