Der Tag des Falken

Das Buch zum großen Fantasy-Film von Richard Donner (Bastei Lübbe TB 13007)

taschenbuch, 222 pages

German language

Published June 10, 1985 by Bastei Lübbe.


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4 stars (1 review)

The spell of vengeance had been cast upon Etienne Navaree, Captain of the Guard, and the beautiful lady Isabeau by the evil Bishop of Aquila. Etienne and Isabeau must wander the wilderness, always together yet always apart--she a hawk by day and restored to herself only with the setting of each day's sun; he a wolf by night, transformed once more into human form at break of each day's dawn. This eternal spell is their punishment for daring to love after the evil Bishop had already chosen Isabeau for his own.

Then, suddenly, Etienne receives an unex[ected sign of hope in the person of Phillipe, a young and cunning thief ... and Navarre knows he must seize this fearful oppertunity to free them from the Bishop's diabolical spell--or bring them death....

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