Detective Stories

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Paperback, 223 pages

English language

Published June 12, 1998 by Kingfisher.

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Adventure of the Speckled Band / Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The little mystery / E.C. Bentley The adventure of the Egyptian tomb / Agatha Christie Emil and the detectives (an extract) / Erich Ka╠łstner The inspiration of Mr. Budd / Dorothy L. Sayers From the files of Inspector Craig / Raymond Smullyan Butch minds the baby / Damon Runyon Murder at St. Oswald's / Michael Underwood The cross of Lorraine / Isaac Asimov The Newdick helicopter / Leslie Charteris Cold money / Ellery Queen More from the files of Inspector Craig / Raymond Smullyan The one-handed murderer / Italo Calvino (an Italian folktale) Fingerprinting a ghost / Tony Fletcher (from Memories of murder) It's a hard world / Andrew Vachss Maddened by mystery / Stephen Leacock

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