The Pomodoro Technique

the acclaimed time-management system that has transformed how we work

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The Pomodoro Technique (2018)

152 pages

English language

Published June 28, 2018

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"Available through bookstores for the first time, the internationally acclaimed time management system that has been used by millions, written by Francesco Cirillo, creator of the Pomodoro Technique. Francesco Cirillo developed his famed system for improving productivity as a college student 30 years ago. Using a kitchen timer shaped like a pomodoro (Italian for tomato), Cirillo divided the time he spent working on a project into 25-minute intervals, with 5-minute breaks in between, in order to get more done, without interruptions. By grouping a number of Pomodoros together, users can tackle a project of any length, and drastically improve their productivity, enhance their focus, and better achieve their goals. Originally self-published, and shared virally online, this new publication of The Pomodoro Technique includes several new chapters on how teams can use the Pomodoro method to save time and increase productivity. The process underlying Cirillo's technique includes five stages: planning the …

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