Healing Rights


PDF and EPUB, 136 pages

English language

Published May 13, 2021 by Itch.io.

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Lexie was once one of England's most powerful mages. Until a stroke left xem unable to access xeir magic. Waking up with only limited speech and hemiplegia would be bad enough but the loss of magic is devastating to Lexie. These 6 stories chart Lexie's coming to terms with the changes in xeir life and those xe helps recover, especially Erica, a carer with a rather unusual relationship to her body.

Multiple Enby characters! Magic! No magical recovery minimising disability! Friendly dead people! Survivors of trauma and illness living well!

The PDF and ebook are hyperlinked and bookmarked for convenience.

The preview file contains the prologue and the first story, Hollowed, where Lexie and Erica meet and they both start their journeys of coming to terms with how life can be changed so completely from what we knew before. It is not bookmaarked …

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