Little, Big (P.S.)

Paperback, 576 pages

English language

Published Oct. 17, 2006 by Harper Perennial Modern Classics.

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3 stars (2 reviews)

Winner of the 1982 World Fantasy Award for best novel.

10 editions

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I still remember the days before Goodreads gave one the chance, or you might instead say "urged one," to begin a review as soon as one admitted one was reading it. It feels recent and yet it may have been several years ago when this turn was taken. I welcomed it at first because by the time I reached the end of a book I had so often forgotten things I wanted to say at the beginning but once it became the default, that opportunity to not forget turned threateningly in to a frontloading of the reading process. As one who abandons more than I complete, though I wasn't always such, I wonder if I will become more likely to DNF once I've already had my say.

Some things, it is clear are not going to change in the pages that follow (though I am listening to it in audio …

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