Dirty Forty

(Friendship and Desire #1)

Kindle Edition, 240 pages

Published March 5, 2021

4 stars (1 review)

If I'm as straight as I always thought, why does kissing my best friend feel so right?

Zach has been my ride or die since we were nine. Business partners, roommates, best friends...we do everything together. But the last thing either of us expected was to be staring forty in the face just as single as we both were when we made a silly, drunken marriage pact twenty years ago. The problem? Zach is gay…and, well, I’m not.

Under pressure from family, that pact comes rushing back, and I lock us into a fake engagement. But is it possible some part of me wants it to be real?

Convincing Zach I’m legit is another story. With each passing day, I wonder if my feelings of affection for my best friend can morph into the love I desperately want in my life. Something in Zach’s eyes tells me we can have …

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