Pride and Prometheus

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Pride and Prometheus (2018)

371 pages

English language

Published Sept. 27, 2018

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"Dark and gripping and tense and beautiful. "₇Karen Joy Fowler, New York Times Pride and Prejudice Threatened with destruction unless he fashions a wife for his Creature, Victor Frankenstein travels to England where he meets Mary and Kitty Bennet, the remaining unmarried sisters of the Bennet family from Pride and Prejudice Meanwhile, the awkward Mary hopes that Victor will save her from approaching spinsterhood while wondering what dark secret he is keeping from her. Pride and Prometheus fuses the gothic horror of Mary Shelley with the Regency romance of Jane Austen in an exciting novel that combines two age-old stories in a fresh and startling way.

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  • Marriage
  • Scientists
  • Sisters
  • Young women
  • Monsters
  • Fiction