Reality Sandwiches

English language

Published Sept. 27, 2001

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Reality Sandwiches is a book of poetry by Allen Ginsberg published by City Lights Publishers in 1963. The title comes from one of the included poems, "On Burroughs' Work": "A naked lunch is natural to us,/we eat reality sandwiches." The book is dedicated to friend and fellow Beat poet Gregory Corso. Despite Ginsberg's feeling that this collection was not his most significant, the poems still represent Ginsberg at a peak period of his craft.Poems in this collection include:

"My Alba" "The Green Automobile" "Siesta in Xbalba" "On Burroughs' Work" "Love Poem on Theme by Whitman" "Malest Cornifici Tuo Catullo" "Dream Record: June 8, 1955" "A Strange New Cottage in Berkeley" "My Sad Self" "I Beg You Come Back & Be Cheerful" "To An Old Poet In Perú" "Aether"

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