Darkness visible

292 pages

English language

Published Nov. 1, 1981 by Bantam Books.

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This extraordinary new novel, by the author of the now classic Lord of the Flies, is William Golding's best novel in twelve years. In Darkness Visible he has written a story of our times, a chilling mystery which never ceases to mystify. The martyr of disturbing suggestion, William Golding stirs up the sediment of dark thoughts and half ideas within us all. Many "Septimius" Windrave/Windrove- his exact name is unknown 0 as a boy steps out of the flaming known - as a boy steps out of the flaming destruction of the London blitz miraculously alive, but orphaned and hideously scarred for life. Though Matty takes to wearing a black wide-brimmed hat to cover his disfigurement, he is set apart from others, he asks himself, " Am I only different from them in face?", his answer is "no." He becomes a prophet, a wandering soul, who has his own "voices". …

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  • Fiction
  • Women terrorists
  • Disfigured persons
  • Good and evil


  • England