George Orwell Politics and The English Language

Hardcover Book

Hardcover, 72 pages

Published Jan. 1, 1946 by Sahara Publisher Books.

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Very very short. But one to read slowly, and to take care to digest properly. I was pleased to see that some of Orwell’s emphases, for example on brevity, I already aspire to in my own writing (at work). However, I am as guilty of latinisation and hellenisation as anybody, and of using similes and metaphors in place of words too often. I think this bluntly argued essay has made me at least consider how basic is my own work - and to aim to impress less with fancy vocabulary and more with powerful ideas..

The review of Mein Kampf at the end also hit hard. It is important to be reminded of how charismatic people found Hitler at the time, and Orwell does this. It is of course nice to bask in his criticisms of Hitler’s unchanging mind and of Mein Kampf, but it is the seductive appeal of …