Cowboys and Kisses

Historical Romance Where the Women Save Themselves

Paperback, 204 pages

Published March 31, 2022 by Romance and Chocolate Ink.


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4 stars (1 review)

A one-way stage ticket to the frontier leaves a young woman penniless and alone in Long Grass, Wyoming. With no other hope than to survive another day, she takes up the only profession open to her. Years later she encounters the one-of-a-kind cowboy she can love, and her first taste of pleasure - and happiness.

Cowboys, however, are born to wander, and their kisses are as brief as the lives of young women without family or means. Accepting that her days will be numbered too few, Darlin' escapes into her scribblings where her dreams of freedom can soar above the limitless prairie.

When she recognizes her own truth and a chance for love in the longing gaze of a townswoman, will she finally find kisses she can trust?

Two determined women in a hostile world save themselves — and each other — in a lyric, sensual love story as only …

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