Awakening Souls

A Tale of Love Recovered (Awakening Series, Book 2)

Paperback, 308 pages

English language

Published June 24, 2022 by ‎Angie K. Love.


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4 stars (1 review)

A serendipitous reconnection. A trip to France. A powerful attraction that never waned. Does true love grant second chances?

Alex: There’s my Sage, looking more beautiful than ever! What are the odds I’d run into her the first time I’m on a date—with a woman? My heart and body have always wanted her, but my faith led me to walk away seventeen months ago . . .

When she asks me to join her on a trip to France, my head spins. Is this God giving me a second chance? Will I be able to show up in the way Sage deserves if I say yes, or will my old demons and guilt come back to haunt me?

Sage: My body and heart respond to Alex as strongly as ever, while my mind’s apparently already on vacation. I hear myself invite her on my trip to France . . . …

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