Folk Tales of Japan

28 Japanese folk tales with cultural commentary

Paperback, 199 pages

Englilsh language

Published July 16, 2022 by Metro-classic.

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Stories of wit, stories of cruelty, stories of horror, and stories of life—Folk Tales of Japan is a collection of 28 memorable tales, each accompanied with insights into its cultural and historical background.

Once upon a time, there was a place where anyone who reached the age of sixty had to be abandoned deep in the woods on a hill called Ubasute-yama. The ruler of the region thought that all the elderly did was consume crops without making themselves useful. One day...

A long time ago, there was a skilled samurai by the name of Kurohara Kanbei in the town of Suekichi in Kagoshima. Kanbei was only a meter tall (3.3 feet), but he always had a sword that was at least twice as long as his own height hanging from his waist...

A long time ago, there were many tourists who traveled up to the old capital of Nara …

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A Quirky Tour of Japanese Folklore

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A quirky tour of Japanese folk tales with extensive commentary about the meaning, historical context and, the connection to modern Japanese culture. A bit chaotic but, fascinating and easy to read. These are more detailed, more in-depth versions of the sort of stories the author posts daily on Instagram.