Downward to the Earth

Paperback, 208 pages

English language

Published Feb. 7, 1984 by Bantam Books.

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From the shrouding fogs of its Mist Country to the lunatic tropical fertility of its jungles, the planet Belzagor was alien in the extreme. Before the decolonization movement, it had been part of Earth's Galaxy-wide empire. But the Nildoror and Sulido-ror, Belzagor's two intelligent species, had been given their independence, and once again they ruled themselves.

Edmund Gundersen, a former colonial official from Earth, was returning to Belzagor after an eight year absence. Officially, he was a tourist, but in reality he was seeking redemption—redemption for the crimes he had committed against the Nildoror and Sulidoror.

Even now, he still found it hard to accept their independence. The Nildoror were great elephant-like beings; and the Sulidoror, husky bipeds covered with dark red hair, had long arms tipped with terrifying claws. How could such creatures, without any technology to speak of, run an entire planet? Yet they did, and they had …

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