Walking Macao Reading The Baroque

Published Jan. 8, 2009 by Hong Kong University Press.

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3 stars

I have long found Macao to be a fascinating city (I use "Macao" for the colonial period, and "Macau" for the modern period). Its colonial history is quite interesting, and visiting it was a joy--that is, before the modern casino-building ruined it. Still, I like to get my hands on anything that details what life used to be like there. Not an easy task if you only read English.

Unfortunately, this book was a bit of a slog. Not that it's long, but because the writer goes to great lengths to attach some sort of allegorical or symbolic meaning to absolutely everything. That in itself isn't wrong because, no doubt, there was meaning put into things like this. However, a lot of the so-called meaning he attaches to things seems really forced, and his reasoning is often tenuous at best. There was just way too much philosophizing and pontificating, and …