Drive By

pamphlet sewn binding, 48 pages

English language

Published by Smooth Friend.

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"Drive By is hot throbbing noir twisted into a mobius strip of flashing lights, unreliable narration, and polyphonic intertext. Through sea and storm, our pizzeria diva Clarice goes along with what comes along, all the while shielding a secret in her nagging past—of which, “already the details were slipping beyond her grasp.” In this distilled, unsettling novella, Claudia La Rocco writes into the mythologies of women's lives, disentangling the violent shock of awakening. Drive By's glancing critique of storytelling bends memory into a wondrous bouquet of reckonings. What just happened? The last page sent me right back to the first, ready to read it all over again." Maxe Crandall, author of The Nancy Reagan Collection

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