Las tres estaciones

317 pages

Spanish language

Published Jan. 8, 2012 by Ediciones B.

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2 stars (1 review)

Arkady Renko returns in a new mystery about crime and corruption in the cold, dark, impenetrable landscape of modern day Moscow.

The death of an elegant young woman whose body is found in a construction trailer on the perimeter of Moscow's main rail hub puts Investigator Arkady Renko's skills to the test.

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Review of 'Three Stations' on Goodreads

2 stars

This one was a bit of a departure from the other Renko novels. This time, the mystery Arkady is investigating doesn't lead to an in-depth discussion of Russia, nor is it the grand conspiracy that has been the hallmark of the others in the series. Also, the story is split between what Arkady is investigating and what his chess-genius, semi-adopted son, Zhenya, is doing: helping a 15-year-old mother find her missing baby. It's this secondary plot that provides the glimpse into Russian society--that of the area surrounding the three main train stations in Moscow, mostly populated by street kids, immigrant workers, prostitutes, and trouble. Even this plot doesn't follow the typical Martin Cruz Smith mystery, as it's more of a run-from-the-villains than his classic whydunits (as opposed to the dreaded whodunits of lesser authors).

Two things struck me with this novel. One is that Smith is running out of things …


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