Before the Golden Age Volume 4

A Science Fiction Anthology of the 1930's

288 pages

English language

Published March 13, 1976 by Futura Publications.


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Introduction - essay by Isaac Asimov Part One: 1936 - essay by Isaac Asimov He Who Shrank - novella by Henry Hasse The Human Pets of Mars - novella by Leslie F. Stone [as by Leslie Frances Stone] The Brain Stealers of Mars - short story by John W. Campbell, Jr. Devolution - short story by Edmond Hamilton Big Game - short story by Isaac Asimov Part Two: 1937 - essay by Isaac Asimov Other Eyes Watching - essay by John W. Campbell, Jr. Minus Planet - novelette by John D. Clark, Ph.D. [as by John D. Clark] Past, Present and Future - novelette by Nat Schachner Part Three: 1938 - essay by Isaac Asimov The Men and the Mirror - novelette by Ross Rocklynne

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