Published Dec. 9, 2022

5 stars (1 review)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year it’s that life isn’t always fair. Sometimes things happen that test our resilience and our strength. My life was changed forever one fateful night last year when I lost my leg in an accident. It’s affected my independence and my confidence. But there is one thing—one person—that hasn’t changed, hasn’t wavered when life gets hard. Finn Ledger. He’s been my best friend since the moment we met in middle school. We’re grown now, with separate lives, but he still always manages to be there for me when I need him, even when circumstances try to wrench us apart. He always holds me when I need it, cares for me like no one else can. His affection for me feels like home, like safety… But recently those innocent touches have been igniting something new inside of me. Something I can’t explain, something lustful …

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