El economista camuflado

La economía de las pequeñas cosas Booket, Temas de hoy

Hardcover, 418 pages

Spanish language

Published Jan. 18, 2010 by Planeta.

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4 stars (3 reviews)

Critically acclaimed as one of the most successful economy books of all time, and a 'must-read' for those of us in the general public who want to understand how society works, but do not want this information to be conveyed in an Oxbridge multipolysyllabic tone, Tim Harford's book gives us an insight into the relevance of the economy to our everyday lives. It begins humbly with the author's relatable bemoaning of coffee and its prices, which is cleverly analogized in the simple, but brilliant and still-relevant ideas of nineteenth-century economist David Ricardo. Organized into clear chapters which target different aspects of the economy's impacts on our life, the book later progresses onto more developed concepts such as the reasons (sub-prime mortgages!) behind the banking collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. Written in an aware style from an economist's perspective, this book is thoroughly worthwhile reading.

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