Dear Justyce

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Published Sept. 29, 2020 by Listening Library.

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4 stars (1 review)

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Review of 'Dear Justyce' on 'Storygraph'

4 stars

*Rating edited downward because late in the book a character refers to plans for a Birthright trip and it is unchallenged in the narrative.

DEAR JUSTYCE follows Quan from DEAR MARTIN as he tells his friend Justyce about his life before he was incarcerated during the previous book. Told in a combination of flashbacks and letters to Justyce, this is a contemplation of the past with a chance at having a future. 

There’s so much care in this story, it’s evident in every page. In terms of narrative structure, it begins with the MC in prison, waiting for the outcome of his case but not hoping for much. It traces how he got there, how the turning points never felt like choices because of the system stacked against him as a Black boy then a Black teenager, then a young Black man. It's not trying to be a litany of …