The Innovation Delusion

How Our Obsession with the New Has Disrupted the Work That Matters Most

The Innovation Delusion (hardcover, 2020, Currency)

hardcover, 272 pages

Published Sept. 8, 2020 by Currency.


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Innovation is the hottest buzzword in business. But what if its benefits has been exaggerated, and our obsession with finding the next big thing has distracted us from the work that matters most?

It's hard to avoid innovation these days. Nearly every product gets marketed as being disruptive, whether it's a genuine new invention or just a new toothbrush. But in this manifesto on the state of American work, historians of technology Lee Vinsel and Andrew Russell argue that our way of thinking about and pursuing innovation has made us poorer, less safe, and - ironically - less innovative.

Drawing on years of original research and reporting, Vinsel and Russell show how the ideology of change for its own sake has proved a disaster in the wrong hands. Corporations have spent millions hiring chief innovation officers while their core businesses tanked. Computer science programs have drilled their students on programming …

Extremely good & important points

3 stars

… but also very much written by two white dudes who teach tech in higher ed. I still think ppl should read this, especially those of us in education and/or libraries who don’t understand the continual growth model given the crucial maintenance aspects of what we do. It would have been nice to see more citations from people who aren’t like, that guy from Freakonomics. But I still think this is an important and enjoyable read.